Welcome to the American Small Hotel Alliance!

We are a relatively new association of independent hotel owners who are committed to helping each other to become more successful and become the first choice among travellers who are seeking unique experiences on their journeys.

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Rental Car Assistance:

What’s travel without rental cars? Enterprise.com has offered to help out our alliance by offering discounts like Enterprise promo codes to go with your hotel booking.

The Rise of Boutique Hotels:

It was only a few years ago that it looked like every small hotel owner in the country would be out of business soon. It was difficult to compete when they were offering steep discounts like a 2 night deal for your Hotels.com booking. Hotel chains like Red Roof Inn, Motel 6 and the larger hotel chains were the most popular choice among travellers.

But a new trend is emerging where tourists are seeking a more unique and genuine experience as they travel to new places. They want the local flavor not only of a different country but the unique characteristics of locales within the United States!

Instead of staying in a similar hotel room everywhere you go, tourists are now seeking out unique tastes, experiences and cultures wherever they go. Small hotels that provide local cuisine, tours and even soaps from local artisans are unique positioned to become the dominant hotel experience of the 21st century.

Stronger Together

But creating these experiences is not easy, nor cheap. That’s why this association has been created: so that we can learn from each other and share tips and tricks for creating unforgettable experiences for our guests…wherever in America you happen to be.

You could share information about your most popular dish, saving on laundry/food costs, and tips to make your guest’s stay even more memorable.

Some Great Boutique Hotels: